MongoDB: cursor.forEach() method


The cursor.forEach() method is used to apply a JavaScript function for each document in a cursor.

The forEach() method has the following prototype form:





Name Description Required /
function A JavaScript function to apply to each document from the cursor. The <function> signature includes a single argument that is passed the current document to process. Required JavaScript

Sample document in the restaurants collection:

  "address": {
     "building": "1007",
     "coord": [ -73.856077, 40.848447 ],
     "street": "Morris Park Ave",
     "zipcode": "10462"
  "borough": "Bronx",
  "cuisine": "Bakery",
  "grades": [
     { "date": { "$date": 1393804800000 }, "grade": "A", "score": 2 },
     { "date": { "$date": 1378857600000 }, "grade": "A", "score": 6 },
     { "date": { "$date": 1358985600000 }, "grade": "A", "score": 10 },
     { "date": { "$date": 1322006400000 }, "grade": "A", "score": 9 },
     { "date": { "$date": 1299715200000 }, "grade": "B", "score": 14 }
  "name": "Morris Park Bake Shop",
  "restaurant_id": "30075445"

Example: MongoDB: cursor.forEach() method

The following example invokes theforEach()method on the cursor returned byfind()to print the name of each restaurant in the collection.

db.restaurants.find().forEach( function(myDoc) { print( "name: " + myDoc.name ); } );


name: Hang # 16
name: Lowkey Lounge Inc.
name: Cannelle Lic
name: Matcha Cafe Wabi
name: New King Work Ny Inc
name: Teng Da
name: Ocean Xi Lounge Karaoke Inc.
name: Malt And Mold
name: King Garden
name: Vegetarian Choice Restaurant
name: Jimbo'S Hamburgers
name: Bombay Grill
name: Curry Garden
name: Asian Time Eatery
name: Hollis-Pj Inc
name: Hibachi Dumpling
name: Sarku Japan Teriyaki And Sushi Express
name: Tbaar
name: Lao Ma Spicy
name: Tbaars
name: Tacombi At Ganesvoort Market
name: Fouta Halal Food Corp.
name: El Grand Chef Restaurant & Pizzeria
name: Buttercup Bake Shop
name: Bagatelle Kiss & Fly
name: The Milton
name: Bluestone Lane Coffee
name: Beyond Sushi Nyc Inc
name: Incredibowl
name: Lui'S Sweet Tomatoes Bakery
name: Ny Fortune Garden Inc
name: Dunkin Donuts
name: Steam It Corp
name: Dou Man Jiang Bbq Restaurant
name: Crustacean Nyc
name: Fat Cats Pizza
name: Adam Koshary & Grill
name: Nueva Nitin Bakery
name: Piura
name: The Taco Place Inc
name: A+ Chinese Restaurant
name: Caffe Bean
name: Hua Rong
name: Lucky Vegetarian
name: Lyric Theatre
name: Two Boots Park Slope
name: Long Wong Bakery Ii, Inc.
name: Plant Love House
name: Jimbo'S
name: Mr. Tony Pizzeria
name: Jimbo'S Hamburger
name: Columbia University Medical Center Bookstore Cafe
name: The Waylon
name: Juquila Mexican Cuisine
name: Culture 36
name: Bubble Panda
name: Joy Burger Bar
name: Montague St Bagels
name: Papa Johns Pizza/Lawrence Fried Chicken
name: Almando Restaurant Inc
name: Lola Lola Restaurant & Bar
name: Berti Restaurant & Lounge
name: Rose Pizza
name: Juice Press
name: San Gennaro
name: Wibar
name: Comfort Diner
name: Kabirs Bakery
name: Bocca Bliss
name: Kababish
name: China Green Dim Sum Restaurant
name: Subway
name: New Mombar Inc
name: Forcella Pizza Napoli

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