MySQL MAX() function

MAX() function

MySQL MAX() function returns the maximum value of an expression.

This function is useful in -

  • To identify the highest value within a column is crucial for understanding the upper limit of a dataset.
  • When analyzing data, you might want to know the highest or peak value in a certain attribute.
  • The MAX() function helps evaluate the highest performance metrics, such as maximum revenue, profits, or user engagement.
  • Identifying the maximum value helps in assessing whether a process is operating within acceptable limits.
  • When comparing performance against benchmarks, the MAX() function assists in determining how close or far data is from the best achieved results.
  • In e-commerce or inventory management, determining the maximum order quantity helps in fulfilling customer demands efficiently.
  • For critical decisions, knowing the maximum value in relevant data attributes can provide insights for strategic planning.



Where expr is an expression.

MySQL Version: 8.0


Sample table: book_mast


SELECT MAX(book_price)
FROM book_mast;

Relational Algebra Expression:

Relational Algebra Expression: MAX() function.

Relational Algebra Tree:

Relational Algebra Tree: MAX() function.


The above MySQL statement will return the maximum 'book_price' from 'book_mast' table.


mysql> SELECT MAX(book_price)
    -> FROM book_mast;
| MAX(book_price) |
|          250.00 | 
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

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