PHP class for bank accounts: Deposit and withdraw

PHP OOP: Exercise-8 with Solution

Write a PHP a class called "BankAccount" with properties like "accountNumber" and "balance". Implement methods to deposit and withdraw money from the account.

Sample Solution:

PHP Code :

class BankAccount {
    private $accountNumber;
    private $balance;

    public function __construct($accountNumber) {
        $this->accountNumber = $accountNumber;
        $this->balance = 0;

    public function getAccountNumber() {
        return $this->accountNumber;

    public function getBalance() {
        return $this->balance;

    public function deposit($amount) {
        $this->balance += $amount;
        echo "Deposited $amount into account $this->accountNumber. New balance: $this->balance</br>";

    public function withdraw($amount) {
        if ($this->balance >= $amount) {
            $this->balance -= $amount;
            echo "Withdrawn $amount from account $this->accountNumber. New balance: $this->balance</br>";
           echo "Want to withdrawn $amount?</br>";
           echo "Insufficient balance in account $this->accountNumber. Current balance: $this->balance</br>";

$account = new BankAccount("SB-1234");
echo "Account Number: " . $account->getAccountNumber() . "</br>";
echo "Initial Balance: " . $account->getBalance() . "</br>";


Sample Output:

Account Number: SB-1234
Initial Balance: 0
Deposited 1000 into account SB-1234. New balance: 1000
Withdrawn 600 from account SB-1234. New balance: 400
Want to withdrawn 700?
Insufficient balance in account SB-1234. Current balance: 400


In the above exercise -

  • The "BankAccount" class has two private properties: $accountNumber and $balance, which represent the account number and current balance of the bank account, respectively.
  • The constructor method __construct() initializes the accountNumber property and set the initial balance to 0.
  • The "getAccountNumber()" and getBalance() methods are implemented to retrieve the account number and balance, respectively.
  • The deposit($amount) method is used to deposit money into the account. It increases the balance by the specified amount and displays the new balance.
  • The withdraw($amount) method withdraws money from the account. If the account has a sufficient balance, it decreases the balance by the specified amount and displays the new balance. Otherwise, it shows a message indicating an insufficient balance.


Flowchart: Deposit and withdraw.
Flowchart: Deposit and withdraw.

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