PHP Array Exercises : Filter array elements with certain key-names

PHP Array: Exercise-51 with Solution

Write a PHP program to filter out some array elements with certain key-names.

Sample Solution:

PHP Code:

// Original associative array
$first_array = array('c1' => 'Red', 'c2' => 'Green', 'c3' => 'White', 'c4' => 'Black'); 

// Array containing keys to be excluded from the original array
$second_array = array('c2', 'c4');

// Use array_flip to swap keys and values, then array_diff_key to get the difference in keys
$result = array_diff_key($first_array, array_flip($second_array));

// Print the resulting array



    [c1] => Red                                             
    [c3] => White                                           


Flowchart: PHP - Filter out some elements with certain key-names

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