PHP Array Exercises : Decodes a JSON string

PHP Array: Exercise-6 with Solution

Write a PHP script which decodes the following JSON string.

Sample JSON code :
{"Title": "The Cuckoos Calling",
"Author": "Robert Galbraith",
"Detail": {
"Publisher": "Little Brown"

Sample Solution:

PHP Code:

// Define a function named w3rfunction that echoes the key and value of an array element
function w3rfunction($value, $key) {
    echo "$key : $value" . "\n";

// Define a JSON-encoded string representing a nested associative array
$a = '{"Title": "The Cuckoos Calling",
      "Author": "Robert Galbraith",
      "Detail": { 
                  "Publisher": "Little Brown"

// Decode the JSON string into a PHP associative array
$j1 = json_decode($a, true);

// Use array_walk_recursive to apply the w3rfunction to each element in the nested array
array_walk_recursive($j1, "w3rfunction");


Title : The Cuckoos Calling                                 
Author : Robert Galbraith                                   
Publisher : Little Brown


Flowchart: Decodes a JSON string

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