PHP Exercises: Reads a date and prints the day of the date

PHP: Exercise-59 with Solution

Write a PHP program to that reads a date (from 2004/1/1 to 2004/12/31) and prints the day of the date. Jan. 1, 2004, is Friday. Note that 2004 is a leap year.
Two integers m and d separated by a single space in a line, m ,d represent the month and the day.

Input:Input numbers (real numbers) are separated by a space.
Input 0 to exit.

Pictorial Presentation:

PHP: Reads a date and prints the day of the date.

Sample Solution: -

PHP Code:

$days = explode(',', '0,31,60,91,121,152,182,213,244,274,305,335');
$format = explode(',', 'Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday,Sunday,Monday,Tuesday');
while (($line = trim(fgets(STDIN))) !== '') {
    sscanf($line, '%d %d', $m, $d);
    if ($m === 0) {
    $n = $days[$m - 1] + $d;
    $today = $format[$n % 7];
    echo "The day is: ".$today, PHP_EOL;

Sample Input:
9 15

Sample Output:

The day is: Thursday


Flowchart: Reads a date and prints the day of the date.

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