PHP Exercises: Changes the color of first character of a word

PHP: Exercise-9 with Solution

Write a PHP script, which changes the color of the first character of a word.

Sample string : PHP Tutorial

Sample Solution: -

PHP Code:

$text = 'PHP Tutorial';
$text = preg_replace('/(\b[a-z])/i','<span style="color:red;">\1</span>',$text);
echo $text;

Sample Output:

PHP Tutorial

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preg_replace() function:


mixed preg_replace ( mixed $pattern , mixed $replacement , mixed $subject [, int $limit = -1 [, int &$count ]] )

Searches subject for matches to pattern and replaces them with replacement. The function returns an array if the subject parameter is an array, or a string otherwise. If matches are found, the new subject will be returned, otherwise subject will be returned unchanged or NULL if an error occurred.


Flowchart: Changes the color of first character of a word

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