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PHP Class Exercises : Calculate the factorial of an integer

PHP class: Exercise-3 with Solution

Write a PHP class that calculates the factorial of an integer.

Sample Solution:

PHP Code:

class factorial_of_a_number
  protected $_n;
  public function __construct($n)
     if (!is_int($n))
	      throw new InvalidArgumentException('Not a number or missing argument');
    $this->_n = $n;
  public function result()
     $factorial = 1;
     for ($i = 1; $i <= $this->_n; $i++)
	    $factorial *= $i;
	   return $factorial;

$newfactorial = New factorial_of_a_number(5);
echo $newfactorial->result();

Sample Output:


Flowchart :

Flowchart: Calculate the factorial of an integer

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