PHP function Exercises: Sort an array

PHP function: Exercise-4 with Solution

Write a function to sort an array.

Pictorial Presentation:

PHP function Exercises: Sort an array

Sample Salution:

PHP Code:

function array_sort($a)
 for($x=0;$x< count($a);++$x)
    $min = $x;
  for($y=$x+1;$y< count($a);++$y)
	 if($a[$y] < $a[$min] ) 
	   $temp = $a[$min];
	   $a[$min] = $a[$y];
	   $a[$y] = $temp;
 return $a;
$a = array(51,14,1,21,'hj');

Sample Output:

    [0] => hj                                               
    [1] => 1                                                
    [2] => 14                                               
    [3] => 21                                               
    [4] => 51                                               

Flowchart :

Flowchart: Sort an array

PHP Code Editor:

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Ref : https://bit.ly/2Q96Wvm


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