PHP Regular Expression Exercises: Remove the last word from a string

PHP regular expression: Exercise-2 with Solution

Write a PHP script that removes the last word from a string.

Sample string : 'The quick brown fox'

Visual Presentation:

PHP Regular Expression Exercise: Remove the last word from a string

Sample Solution:

PHP Code:

// Define the input string
$str1 = 'The quick brown fox';

// Use preg_replace function to remove the last word along with its trailing spaces
echo preg_replace('/\W\w+\s*(\W*)$/', '$1', $str1)."\n";


The quick brown


In the exercise above,

  • '$str1' variable stores the input string: 'The quick brown fox'.
  • The "preg_replace()" function performs regular expression-based string replacement.
  • The regular expression pattern /\W\w+\s*(\W*)$/ is applied to the input string:
    • \W: Matches any non-word character (e.g., punctuation).
    • \w+: Matches one or more word characters.
    • \s*: Matches zero or more whitespace characters.
    • (\W*)$: Captures zero or more non-word characters at the end of the string.
  • The replacement string '$1' is used to replace the matched pattern with the captured group '$1', which represents the trailing non-word characters.
  • The modified string is then echoed.

Flowchart :

Flowchart: Remove the last word from a string

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