PHP Regular Expression Exercises: Remove the whitespaces from a string

PHP regular expression: Exercise-3 with Solution

Write a PHP script that removes the whitespaces from a string.

Sample string : 'The quick " " brown fox'

Visual Presentation:

PHP Regular Expression Exercise: Remove the whitespaces from a string

Sample Solution:

PHP Code:

// Define the input string
$str1 = 'The quick " " 	 brown fox';

// Use preg_replace function to remove all whitespace characters from the string
echo preg_replace('/\s+/', '', $str1)."\n";




In the exercise above,

  • '$str1' variable stores the input string: 'The quick " " brown fox'.
  • The "preg_replace()" function performs regular expression-based string replacement.
  • The regular expression pattern /\s+/ is applied to the input string:
    • \s+: Matches one or more whitespace characters.
    • All matches for whitespace characters in the input string are replaced with an empty string, effectively removing them.
    • The modified string with all whitespace characters removed is then echoed.

    Flowchart :

    Flowchart: Remove the whitespaces from a string

    PHP Code Editor:

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