Python: Check whether two given circles are intersecting

Python Basic - 1: Exercise-111 with Solution

Write a Python program which checks whether two circles in the same plane (with the same center (x,y) and radius) intersect. If intersection occurs, return true, otherwise return false.

Sample Solution:

Python Code:

def is_circle_collision(circle1, circle2):
   x1, y1, r1 = circle1
   x2, y2, r2 = circle2
   distance = ((x1-x2)**2 + (y1-y2)**2)**0.5
   return distance <= r1 + r2
print(is_circle_collision([1,2, 4], [1,2, 8]))
print(is_circle_collision([0,0, 2], [10,10, 5]))

Sample Output:



Flowchart: Python - Check whether two given circles are intersecting.

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