Python Cyber Security - Check and print valid passwords from a file

Python Cyber Security: Exercise-5 with Solution

Write a Python program that reads a file containing a list of passwords, one per line. It checks each password to see if it meets certain requirements (e.g. at least 8 characters, contains both uppercase and lowercase letters, and at least one number and one special character). Passwords that satisfy the requirements should be printed by the program.



Sample Solution:

Python Code:

import re
def check_password(password):
    # Define regular expressions for each requirement
    length_regex = re.compile(r'^.{8,}$')
    uppercase_regex = re.compile(r'[A-Z]')
    lowercase_regex = re.compile(r'[a-z]')
    digit_regex = re.compile(r'\d')
    special_regex = re.compile(r'[\W_]')
    # Check if password meets each requirement
    length_check = length_regex.search(password)
    uppercase_check = uppercase_regex.search(password)
    lowercase_check = lowercase_regex.search(password)
    digit_check = digit_regex.search(password)
    special_check = special_regex.search(password)
    # Return True if all requirements are met, False otherwise
    if length_check and uppercase_check and lowercase_check and digit_check and special_check:
        return True
        return False

# Open file containing passwords
with open('passwords.txt') as f:
    # Read each password from file and check if it meets requirements
    for password in f:
        password = password.strip()  # Remove newline character
        if check_password(password):
            print("Valid Password: "+password)
            print("Invalid Password: "+password)

Sample Output:

Valid Password: Pas1$Ku1
Invalid Password: password
Invalid Password: password123
Invalid Password: password123$
Valid Password: Password6#(%
Valid Password: Germany#12
Invalid Password: USA12^$#
Valid Password: England0#


Flowchart: Check and print valid passwords from a file

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