Generating sequences with ellipsis in Python

Python ellipsis (...) Data Type: Exercise-7 with Solution

Write a Python program to create a generator expression that generates a sequence of numbers with ellipsis representing skipped values.

Sample Solution:


def generate_sequence(start, end, step, skip_count):
        start (int): The starting value of the sequence.
        end (int): The ending value of the sequence.
        step (int): The step size between values.
        skip_count (int): The number of values to skip with ellipsis.

        A generator expression for the sequence.
    for i in range(start, end, step):
        if skip_count > 0:
            yield i
            skip_count -= 1
            yield "..."
            skip_count = skip_count + step - 1

sequence_generator = generate_sequence(1, 30, 2, 4)

for item in sequence_generator:
    print(item, end=", ")


1, 3, 5, 7, ..., 11, ..., 15, ..., 19, ..., 23, ..., 27, ...,

In the exercise above, the "generate_sequence()" function takes parameters for the starting value ('start'), ending value ('end'), step size ('step'), and the number of values to skip with 'ellipsis' (skip_count). It uses a generator expression to yield values from 'start' to 'end' with the specified step size. When it reaches 'skip_count', it yields 'ellipsis (...)' to represent skipped values.


Flowchart: Generating sequences with ellipsis in Python.

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