Python Running Average Generator: Calculate the average of a sequence

Python: Generators Yield Exercise-16 with Solution

Write a Python program to implement a generator function that generates the running average of a sequence of numbers.

Sample Solution:

Python Code:

def running_average_generator():
    total = 0
    count = 0
    while True:
        value = yield total / count if count > 0 else 0
        total += value
        count += 1

# Create the generator object
running_avg_gen = running_average_generator()

# Prime the generator

# Accept input from the user
print("Input a sequence of numbers (Press Enter & 'e' to quit):")
while True:
    num = input("> ")
    if num.lower() == 'e':
    value = float(num)
    average = running_avg_gen.send(value)
    print("Running Average:", average)

Sample Output:

Input a sequence of numbers (Press Enter & 'e' to quit):
> 5
Running Average: 5.0
> 6
Running Average: 5.5
> 7
Running Average: 6.0
> e
Input a sequence of numbers (Press Enter & 'e' to quit):
> -1
Running Average: -1.0
> -2
Running Average: -1.5
> -3
Running Average: -2.0
> -4
Running Average: -2.5
> e


In the above exercise,

The generator function running_average_generator() maintains a running total (total) and count (count) of the numbers received. It continuously yields the running average by dividing the total by the count (if count > 0) or 0 if count is 0.

We create the generator object running_avg_gen and prime it by calling next(running_avg_gen) before entering the input loop. We accept a sequence of numbers from the user until they enter 'e' to quit. Each number is sent to the generator using the send() method, and the running average is printed.


Flowchart: Calculate the average of a sequence.

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