Python: Sort a list of dictionaries using Lambda

Python Lambda: Exercise-4 with Solution

Write a Python program to sort a list of dictionaries using Lambda.

Sample Solution:

Python Code :

models = [{'make':'Nokia', 'model':216, 'color':'Black'}, {'make':'Mi Max', 'model':'2', 'color':'Gold'}, {'make':'Samsung', 'model': 7, 'color':'Blue'}]
print("Original list of dictionaries :")
sorted_models = sorted(models, key = lambda x: x['color'])
print("\nSorting the List of dictionaries :")

Sample Output:

Original list of dictionaries :
[{'make': 'Nokia', 'model': 216, 'color': 'Black'}, {'make': 'Mi Max', 'model': '2', 'color': 'Gold'}, {'make': 'Samsung', 'model': 7, 'color': 'Blue'}]

Sorting the List of dictionaries :
[{'make': 'Nokia', 'model': 216, 'color': 'Black'}, {'make': 'Samsung', 'model': 7, 'color': 'Blue'}, {'make': 'Mi Max', 'model': '2', 'color': 'Gold'}]

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Returns a flat list of all the keys in a flat dictionary


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['Jack', 'Owen', 'Wyatt']