NumPy: Create an array of ones and an array of zeros

NumPy: Array Object Exercise-34 with Solution

Write a NumPy program to create an array of ones and an array of zeros.

Sample Solution:-

Python Code:

import numpy as np
print("Create an array of zeros")
x = np.zeros((1,2))
print("Default type is float")
print("Type changes to int")
x = np.zeros((1,2), dtype = np.int)
print("Create an array of ones")
y= np.ones((1,2)) 
print("Default type is float")
print("Type changes to int")
y = np.ones((1,2), dtype = np.int)

Sample Output:

Create an array of zeros                                               
Default type is float                                                  
[[ 0.  0.]]                                                            
Type changes to int                                                    
[[0 0]]                                                                
Create an array of ones                                                
Default type is float                                                  
[[ 1.  1.]]                                                            
Type changes to int                                                    
[[1 1]]

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