NumPy: Concatenate element-wise two arrays of string

NumPy String: Exercise-1 with Solution

Write a NumPy program to concatenate element-wise two arrays of string.

Sample Solution:-

Python Code:

import numpy as np
x1 = np.array(['Python', 'PHP'], dtype=np.str)
x2 = np.array([' Java', ' C++'], dtype=np.str)
new_array = np.char.add(x1, x2)
print("new array:")

Sample Input:

(['Python', 'PHP'], dtype=np.str)
([' Java', ' C++'], dtype=np.str)

Sample Output:

['Python' 'PHP']
[' Java' ' C++']
new array:
['Python Java' 'PHP C++']


In the above code –

x1 = np.array(['Python', 'PHP'], dtype=np.str): Create a NumPy array x1 containing two strings 'Python' and 'PHP' with data type np.str.

x2 = np.array([' Java', ' C++'], dtype=np.str): Create another NumPy array x2 containing two strings ' Java' and ' C++' with data type np.str.

new_array = np.char.add(x1, x2): Use the np.char.add function to concatenate corresponding elements of x1 and x2 along the first axis, and return a new NumPy array with the concatenated strings. The resulting array is assigned to the variable new_array.

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NumPy String: Concatenate element-wise two arrays of string

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