Pandas: Swap the cases of a specified character column in a given DataFrame

Pandas: String and Regular Expression Exercise-18 with Solution

Write a Pandas program to swap the cases of a specified character column in a given DataFrame.

Sample Solution:

Python Code :

import pandas as pd
df = pd.DataFrame({
    'company_code': ['Abcd','EFGF', 'zefsalf', 'sdfslew', 'zekfsdf'],
    'date_of_sale': ['12/05/2002','16/02/1999','25/09/1998','12/02/2022','15/09/1997'],
    'sale_amount': [12348.5, 233331.2, 22.5, 2566552.0, 23.0]
print("Original DataFrame:")
print("\nSwapp cases in comapny_code:")
df['swapped_company_code'] = list(map(lambda x: x.swapcase(), df['company_code']))

Sample Output:

Original DataFrame:
  company_code date_of_sale  sale_amount
0         Abcd   12/05/2002      12348.5
1         EFGF   16/02/1999     233331.2
2      zefsalf   25/09/1998         22.5
3      sdfslew   12/02/2022    2566552.0
4      zekfsdf   15/09/1997         23.0

Swapp cases in comapny_code:
  company_code         ...          swapped_company_code
0         Abcd         ...                          aBCD
1         EFGF         ...                          efgf
2      zefsalf         ...                       ZEFSALF
3      sdfslew         ...                       SDFSLEW
4      zekfsdf         ...                       ZEKFSDF

[5 rows x 4 columns]

Python Code Editor:

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