Python: Get system command output

Python Basic: Exercise-102 with Solution

Write a Python program to get system command output.

Sample Solution:

Python Code:

# Import the subprocess module to run shell commands.
import subprocess
# Use the 'subprocess.check_output' function to execute the 'dir' command in the shell.
# 'universal_newlines=True' ensures text mode for cross-platform compatibility.
returned_text = subprocess.check_output("dir", shell=True, universal_newlines=True)
# Print a message indicating the purpose of running the 'dir' command.
print("dir command to list files and directories")
# Print the output (list of files and directories) returned by the 'dir' command.

Sample Output:

6d2c5fa0-5ef2-11e6-8ff4-d5b1b3f27f4d  ead74d50-beb7-11e6-933b-47978
6d33f7a0-242d-11e7-820d-03f0e944369f  eae8e560-767d-11e6-a3fc-0fb5e
6d36f6e0-8616-11e6-affa-0dc8296ec630  eafedbe0-ed01-11e6-a189-7956f
6d462c20-758e-11e6-a935-b7db6295ac51  eb190a30-bae6-11e6-a2d1-75a31
7feae620-bece-11e6-ad81-456cada677e8  sss.dat\n                    
7fef9710-7fc2-11e6-97c3-c153b6e0fe23  temp.txt                     
7ff17310-9c22-11e6-9e03-95cb39e2a59d  test.txt                     


Flowchart: Get system command output.

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