Python: Convert feet and inches to centimeters

Python Basic: Exercise-59 with Solution

Write a Python program to convert height (in feet and inches) to centimeters.

Pictorial Presentation:

Convert height (in feet and inches) to centimeters

Sample Solution:-

Python Code:

print("Input your height: ")
h_ft = int(input("Feet: "))
h_inch = int(input("Inches: "))

h_inch += h_ft * 12
h_cm = round(h_inch * 2.54, 1)

print("Your height is : %d cm." % h_cm)

Sample Output:

Input your height: 
Feet:  5
Inches:  3
Your height is : 160 cm.


h_ft = int(input("Feet: "))
h_inch = int(input("Inches: "))

In the above code -

The input() function is used to prompt the user to enter their height in feet and inches, and the int() function is used to convert the input to integer values for h_ft (height in feet) and h_inch (height in inches).

h_inch += h_ft * 12: The height in inches is then calculated by adding h_ft * 12 to h_inch, which converts the height to inches.

h_cm = round(h_inch * 2.54, 1): The height in centimeters is calculated by multiplying the height in inches by 2.54 (the conversion factor from inches to centimeters), and rounding the result to one decimal place using the round() function.

Finally, the print() function prints a message to the console in the format "Your height is : height_cm cm".


Flowchart: Convert height (in feet and inches) to centimeters.

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Python: Tips of the Day

Creates a dictionary with the same keys as the provided dictionary and values generated by running the provided function for each value:


def tips_map_values(obj, fn):
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  for key in obj.keys():
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users = {
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print(tips_map_values(users, lambda u : u['age'])) # {'Owen': 29, 'Eddie': 15}


{'Owen': 29, 'Eddie': 15}


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