Python Tkinter Listbox example with event handling

Python Tkinter Events and Event Handling: Exercise-4 with Solution

Write a Python program that displays a list of items in a Tkinter Listbox. Implement an event handler to print the selected item when a button is clicked.

Sample Solution:

Python Code:

import tkinter as tk

def print_selected_item():
    selected_index = listbox.curselection()  # Get the selected item's index
    if selected_index:
        selected_item = listbox.get(selected_index[0])  # Get the selected item
        result_label.config(text=f"Selected Item: {selected_item}")
        result_label.config(text="No item selected")

# Create the main window
root = tk.Tk()
root.title("Listbox Example")

# Create a Listbox widget and populate it with items
listbox = tk.Listbox(root)

items = ["Java Exercises", "c++ Exercises", "C# Exercises", "C# Exercises", "Python Exercises"]
for item in items:
    listbox.insert(tk.END, item)

# Create a button to print the selected item
print_button = tk.Button(root, text="Print Selected Item", command=print_selected_item)

# Create a label to display the selected item
result_label = tk.Label(root, text="")

# Start the Tkinter main loop


In the exercise above -

  • Import the "tkinter" module.
  • Create a Tkinter window and a Listbox widget to display a list of items.
  • Populate the "Listbox" with some sample items.
  • Create a button labeled "Print Selected Item" and associate it with the "print_selected_item()" function using the command parameter.
  • When the button is clicked, the "print_selected_item()" function is called.
  • In the "print_selected_item()" function, we first get the index of the selected item using listbox.curselection(). If an item is selected, we retrieve the selected item using listbox.get(selected_index[0]).
  • Display a message if no item has been selected or update a label (result_label) with the selected item's text.
  • Finally, start the Tkinter main loop with root.mainloop()


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Flowchart: Python Tkinter Listbox example with event handling.

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