Redis Sets: SADD

SADD key member1 [member2]

Redis SADD command is used to add members to set stored at key. If the member already exists, then it is ignored. If the key does not exist, then a new set is created and members are added into it. If the value stored at key if not set, then an error is returned.



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Return Value

Integer reply, the number of elements that were added to the set, not including all the elements already present into the set.

Return Value Type


Example: Redis SADD> SADD mycolor "White"
(integer) 1> SADD mycolor "Yellow" "Green"
(integer) 2> SADD mycolor "Red" "Blue" "Orange"
(integer) 3> SMEMBERS mycolor
1) "Yellow"
2) "White"
3) "Blue"
4) "Green"
5) "Red"
6) "Orange"

Example: Redis SADD : Not Allowed Duplicate Member

In the set, member can not be redundant.> SADD mycolor "Orange"
(integer) 0> SADD mycolor "Orange" "Pink"
(integer) 1> SMEMBERS mycolor
1) "Blue"
2) "White"
3) "Yellow"
4) "Pink"
5) "Green"
6) "Red"
7) "Orange"

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