AdventureWorks Database: Get a newdate by adding two days with current date

SQL Query - AdventureWorks: Exercise-114 with Solution

114 From the following table write a query in SQL to obtain a newdate by adding two days with current date for each salespersons. Filter the result set for those salespersons whose sales value is more than zero.

Sample table: Sales.SalesPerson

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Sample table: Person.Person

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Sample table: Person.Address

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Sample Solution:

SELECT p.FirstName, p.LastName  
 	,(now() + INTERVAL '2 day') AS "New Date" 
FROM Sales.SalesPerson AS s   
    INNER JOIN Person.Person AS p   
        ON s.BusinessEntityID = p.BusinessEntityID  
    INNER JOIN Person.Address AS a   
        ON a.AddressID = p.BusinessEntityID  
    AND SalesYTD <> 0;

Sample Output:

firstname|lastname         |New Date                     |
Michael  |Blythe           |2022-11-02 14:28:09.304 +0530|
Linda    |Mitchell         |2022-11-02 14:28:09.304 +0530|
Jillian  |Carson           |2022-11-02 14:28:09.304 +0530|
Garrett  |Vargas           |2022-11-02 14:28:09.304 +0530|
Tsvi     |Reiter           |2022-11-02 14:28:09.304 +0530|
Pamela   |Ansman-Wolfe     |2022-11-02 14:28:09.304 +0530|
Shu      |Ito              |2022-11-02 14:28:09.304 +0530|
José     |Saraiva          |2022-11-02 14:28:09.304 +0530|
David    |Campbell         |2022-11-02 14:28:09.304 +0530|
Tete     |Mensa-Annan      |2022-11-02 14:28:09.304 +0530|
Lynn     |Tsoflias         |2022-11-02 14:28:09.304 +0530|
Rachel   |Valdez           |2022-11-02 14:28:09.304 +0530|
Jae      |Pak              |2022-11-02 14:28:09.304 +0530|
Ranjit   |Varkey Chudukatil|2022-11-02 14:28:09.304 +0530|

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