AdventureWorks Database: Rank the products by the specified inventory locations

SQL Query - AdventureWorks: Exercise-116 with Solution

116. From the following table write a query in SQL to rank the products in inventory, by the specified inventory locations, according to their quantities. Divide the result set by LocationID and sort the result set on Quantity in descending order.

Sample table: Production.ProductInventory

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Sample Solution:

SELECT i.ProductID, p.Name, i.LocationID, i.Quantity  
    (PARTITION BY i.LocationID ORDER BY i.Quantity DESC) AS Rank  
FROM Production.ProductInventory AS i   
INNER JOIN Production.Product AS p   
    ON i.ProductID = p.ProductID  
WHERE i.LocationID BETWEEN 3 AND 4  
ORDER BY i.LocationID; 

Sample Output:

productid|name          |locationid|quantity|rank|
      495|Paint - Blue  |         3|      49|   1|
      494|Paint - Silver|         3|      49|   1|
      493|Paint - Red   |         3|      41|   2|
      496|Paint - Yellow|         3|      30|   3|
      492|Paint - Black |         3|      17|   4|
      495|Paint - Blue  |         4|      35|   1|
      496|Paint - Yellow|         4|      25|   2|
      493|Paint - Red   |         4|      24|   3|
      492|Paint - Black |         4|      14|   4|
      494|Paint - Silver|         4|      12|   5| 

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