AdventureWorks Database: Fetch any distinct values from left query of EXCEPT that aren't present in the query to the right

SQL Query - AdventureWorks: Exercise-134 with Solution

134. From the following tables write a query in SQL to fetch any distinct values from the left query that aren't also present in the query to the right.

Sample table: production.Product

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Sample table: production.WorkOrder

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Sample Solution:

SELECT ProductID   
FROM Production.WorkOrder  
SELECT ProductID   
FROM Production.Product ;

Sample Output:


N.B. : No result returns here

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SQL: Tips of the Day

How to avoid the "divide by zero" error in SQL?

Select Case when divisor=0 then null
Else dividend / divisor
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Select dividend / NULLIF(divisor, 0) ...

Ref: https://bit.ly/3dLj7gS


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