AdventureWorks Database: Retrieve the territory name and BusinessEntityID

SQL Query - AdventureWorks: Exercise-41 with Solution

41. From the following tables write a SQL query to retrieve the territory name and BusinessEntityID. The result set includes all salespeople, regardless of whether or not they are assigned a territory.

Sample table: Sales.SalesTerritory

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Sample table: Sales.SalesPerson

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Sample Solution:

SELECT st.Name AS Territory, sp.BusinessEntityID  
FROM Sales.SalesTerritory AS st   
RIGHT OUTER JOIN Sales.SalesPerson AS sp  
ON st.TerritoryID = sp.TerritoryID ;

Sample Output:

territory     |businessentityid|
              |             274|
Northeast     |             275|
Southwest     |             276|
Central       |             277|
Canada        |             278|
Southeast     |             279|
Northwest     |             280|
Southwest     |             281|
Canada        |             282|
Northwest     |             283|
Northwest     |             284|
              |             285|
Australia     |             286|
              |             287|
Germany       |             288|
United Kingdom|             289|
France        |             290|

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