AdventureWorks Database: Retrieve name and city of the employees

SQL Query - AdventureWorks: Exercise-42 with Solution

42. Write a query in SQL to find the employee's full name (firstname and lastname) and city from the following tables. Order the result set on lastname then by firstname.

Sample table: Person.Person

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Sample table: HumanResources.Employee

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Sample table: Person.Address

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Sample table: Person.BusinessEntityAddress

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Sample Solution:

SELECT concat(RTRIM(p.FirstName),' ', LTRIM(p.LastName)) AS Name, d.City  
FROM Person.Person AS p  
INNER JOIN HumanResources.Employee e ON p.BusinessEntityID = e.BusinessEntityID   
   (SELECT bea.BusinessEntityID, a.City   
    FROM Person.Address AS a  
    INNER JOIN Person.BusinessEntityAddress AS bea  
    ON a.AddressID = bea.AddressID) AS d  
ON p.BusinessEntityID = d.BusinessEntityID  
ORDER BY p.LastName, p.FirstName;

Sample Output:

name                    |city         |
Syed Abbas              |Bothell      |
Kim Abercrombie         |Carnation    |
Hazem Abolrous          |Kenmore      |
Pilar Ackerman          |Seattle      |
Jay Adams               |Monroe       |
François Ajenstat       |Issaquah     |
Amy Alberts             |Renton       |
Greg Alderson           |Bellevue     |
Sean Alexander          |Renton       |
Gary Altman             |Renton       |
Nancy Anderson          |Sammamish    |
Pamela Ansman-Wolfe     |Portland     |
Zainal Arifin           |Issaquah     |
Dan Bacon               |Issaquah     |

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