SQL Exercise: Experiences of all employees working with Manger 68319

SQL employee Database: Exercise-28 with Solution

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28. From the following table, write a SQL query to identify the experience of the employees who work under the manager whose ID number is 68319. Return employee ID, employee name, salary, experience.

Sample table: employees

Pictorial Presentation:

SQL exercises on employee Database: List the id, name, salary, and experiences of all the employees working for the manger 68319

Sample Solution:

SELECT emp_id,
       age(CURRENT_DATE, hire_date) "Experience"
FROM employees
WHERE manager_id=68319;

Sample Output:

 emp_id | emp_name | salary  |       Experience
  66928 | BLAZE    | 2750.00 | 26 years 8 mons 29 days
  67832 | CLARE    | 2550.00 | 26 years 7 mons 21 days
  65646 | JONAS    | 2957.00 | 26 years 9 mons 28 days
(3 rows)


The said query in SQL that returns the "emp_id", "emp_name", "salary", and the experience (in years and months) from the 'employees' table and filters the results based on the value in the "manager_id" column.

The experience of the employee in years and months, calculated using the "age" function applied to the "hire_date" column.

The WHERE clause filters the results to include only those employees whose manager ID is equal to 68319.

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Sample Database: employee

employee database structure

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