SQL exercises on employee Database: Find the average salary and average total remuneration for each type of job

SQL employee Database: Exercise-91 with Solution

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91. Write a query in SQL to find the average salary and average total remuneration(salary and commission) for each type of job.

Sample table: employees

Sample Solution:

SELECT job_name,
FROM employees
GROUP BY job_name;

Sample Output:

 job_name  |          avg          |          avg
 CLERK     | 1137.5000000000000000 |
 SALESMAN  | 1500.0000000000000000 | 2125.0000000000000000
 MANAGER   | 2752.3333333333333333 |
 PRESIDENT | 6000.0000000000000000 |
 ANALYST   | 3100.0000000000000000 |
(5 rows)

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Sample Database: employee

employee database structure

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