SQL Exercise: Find the nurse who are the head of their department

SQL hospital Database: Exercise-2 with Solution

2. From the following table, write a SQL query to identify the nurses in charge of each department. Return nursename as “name”, Position as “Position”.

Sample table: nurse
 employeeid |      name       |  position  | registered |    ssn
        101 | Carla Espinosa  | Head Nurse | t          | 111111110
        102 | Laverne Roberts | Nurse      | t          | 222222220
        103 | Paul Flowers    | Nurse      | f          | 333333330

Sample Solution:

SELECT name AS "Name",
       POSITION AS "Position"
FROM nurse

Sample Output:

      Name      |  Position
 Carla Espinosa | Head Nurse
(1 row)


The said query in SQL that returns a list of names and their respective positions who are working as "Head Nurse" in the "nurse" table. The "AS" keyword is used to alias the column names to "Name" and "Position".

Pictorial presentation:

Find the name of the nurse who are the head of their department

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E R Diagram of Hospital Database:

E R Diagram: SQL Hospital Database.

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