SQLite Exercise: Find the names and salaries of the employees who have a higher salary than the employee whose last_name is 'Bull'

Write a query to find the names (first_name, last_name) and salaries of the employees who have a higher salary than the employee whose last_name='Bull'.

Sample table : employees

SQLite Code:

FROM employees 
(SELECT salary FROM employees WHERE last_name = 'Bull');


first_name  last_name   salary
----------  ----------  ----------
Steven      King        24000
Neena       Kochhar     17000
Lex         De Haan     17000
Alexander   Hunold      9000
Bruce       Ernst       6000
David       Austin      4800
Valli       Pataballa   4800
Diana       Lorentz     4200
Nancy       Greenberg   12000
Daniel      Faviet      9000
John        Chen        8200
Ismael      Sciarra     7700
Jose Manue  Urman       7800
Luis        Popp        6900
Den         Raphaely    11000
Matthew     Weiss       8000
Adam        Fripp       8200
Payam       Kaufling    7900
Shanta      Vollman     6500
Kevin       Mourgos     5800
John        Russell     14000
Karen       Partners    13500
Alberto     Errazuriz   12000
Gerald      Cambrault   11000
Eleni       Zlotkey     10500
Peter       Tucker      10000
David       Bernstein   9500
Peter       Hall        9000
Christophe  Olsen       8000
Nanette     Cambrault   7500
Oliver      Tuvault     7000
Janette     King        10000
Patrick     Sully       9500
Allan       McEwen      9000
Lindsey     Smith       8000
Louise      Doran       7500
Sarath      Sewall      7000
Clara       Vishney     10500
Danielle    Greene      9500
Mattea      Marvins     7200
David       Lee         6800
Sundar      Ande        6400
Amit        Banda       6200
Lisa        Ozer        11500
Harrison    Bloom       10000
Tayler      Fox         9600
William     Smith       7400
Elizabeth   Bates       7300
Sundita     Kumar       6100
Ellen       Abel        11000
Alyssa      Hutton      8800
Jonathon    Taylor      8600
Jack        Livingston  8400
Kimberely   Grant       7000
Charles     Johnson     6200
Nandita     Sarchand    4200
Jennifer    Whalen      4400
Michael     Hartstein   13000
Pat         Fay         6000
Susan       Mavris      6500
Hermann     Baer        10000
Shelley     Higgins     12000
William     Gietz       8300

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Model Database

Employee Model  Database - w3resource online SQLite practice

Structure of 'hr' database :

hr database

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