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C# Sharp Exercises: Print the average of four numbers

C# Sharp Basic: Exercise-9 with Solution

Write a C# Sharp program that takes four numbers as input to calculate and print the average.

C# Sharp: Average of numbers

An average is the sum of a list of numbers divided by the number of numbers in the list. In mathematics and statistics, this would be called the arithmetic mean. The term "arithmetic mean" is preferred in some contexts in mathematics and statistics because it helps distinguish it from other means, such as the geometric mean and the harmonic mean.

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Sample Solution:

C# Sharp Code:

using System;
using System.IO;
public class Exercise9
  public static void Main()
     double number1,number2,number3,number4;
     Console.Write("Enter the First number: ");
     number1 = Convert.ToDouble(Console.ReadLine());
     Console.Write("Enter the Second number: ");
     number2 = Convert.ToDouble(Console.ReadLine());
     Console.Write("Enter the third number: ");
     number3 = Convert.ToDouble(Console.ReadLine());
     Console.Write("Enter the fourth number: ");
     number4 = Convert.ToDouble(Console.ReadLine());
     double result = (number1 + number2 + number3 + number4) / 4;
     Console.WriteLine("The average of {0}, {1}, {2}, {3} is: {4} ",
  number1, number2, number3, number4, result);

Sample Output:

Enter the First number: 17                                                                                    
Enter the Second number: 17                                                                                    
Enter the third number: 517                                                                                   
Enter the four number: 51                                                                                    
The average of 17, 17, 517, 51 is: 150.5  


Flowchart: C# Sharp Exercises - Print the average of four numbers

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