HTML Editors

What is an HTML Text Editor

An HTML editor is a Software tool to create and modify HTML documents. HTML editors can be divided into three categories : Text editors, WYSIWYG editors and Online editors.

HTML Text Editors

Text HTML Editors can be divided into two categories : Basic Text Editor and Source Text Editor.

Features of Basic Text Editor:

1. You can write simple text.

2. Besides basic file handling features (like new, open, copy, paste etc.) only some other features like setting the font size, basic searching of a string etc are available.

Examples of some of the Basic Text Editors are : Emacs, Nano, Notepad, SciTE, TextMate, UltraEdit, vi, Vim etc.

Features of Source Text Editor:

1. Syntax highlighting.

2. Templates.

3. Toolbars and keyboard shortcuts.

4. Insertion of common HTML elements (optional).

5. Wizards.

6. Tooltip prompts.

7. Auto-completion (optional).

Examples of some of the Source Text Editor are : Alleycode HTML Editor, Aptana, BlueFish, Coda, Eclipse with the Web Tools Platform, EditPlus, HTML-Kit, Notepad++, NetBeans IDE, PHPEdit, Scintilla, TextMate, TextPad etc.

A basic HTML text editor

Basic HTML Text Editor


This kind of an HTML editor provides an interface which looks like how the page will look in a web browser. This kind of HTML editors offer all the features available in a Source Text Editor.

Examples of WYSIWYG editors are : Dreamweaver, Amaya, CoffeeCup HTML Editor, KompoZer, Microsoft Visual Web Developer Express, Microsoft Publisher, Opera Dragonfly Quanta Plus, SeaMonkey Composer, TinyMce etc.

A WYSIWYG editor


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