JavaScript: Measure the time taken by a function to execute

JavaScript fundamental (ES6 Syntax): Exercise-28 with Solution

Write a JavaScript program to measure the time taken by a function to execute.

  • Use Console.time() and Console.timeEnd() to measure the difference between the start and end times to determine how long the callback took to execute.

Sample Solution:

JavaScript Code:

const time_taken = callback => {
  const result = callback();
  return result;
console.log("Time taken: " + time_taken(() => Math.pow(2, 10))+" ms"); 
console.log("Time taken: " + time_taken(() => Math.sqrt(225))+" ms");
console.log("Time taken: " + time_taken(() => Math.sqrt((5 * 5) + (6 * 6)))+" ms");

Sample Output:

Time taken: 1024 ms
Time taken: 15 ms
Time taken: 7.810249675906654 ms


flowchart: Measure the time taken by a function to execute.

Note : The code above is written in ES6 and can be executed as intended on Chrome Developer Tools.

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