What is Cross Join in Oracle?

The CROSS JOIN clause produces the cross-product of two tables. A cross join or Cartesian product is formed when every row from one table is joined to all rows in another. Suppose, the source and target tables have four and three rows, respectively, a cross join between them results in (4 × 3 = 12) rows being returned provided by there is no WHERE clause have been applied with the cross join statement.


SELECT table1.column, table2.column
FROM table1
CROSS JOIN table2;

Pictorial presentation of Syntax

pictorial presentation of cross join syntax

Pictorial presentation of Oracle Cross Join

pictorial presentation of Oracle cross join

Example: Oracle Cross Join

The following statement will return a cross product or Cartesian product of employees and departments table.

Sample table: employees

Sample table: departments

SELECT first_name, department_name
FROM employees
CROSS JOIN departments ;

Sample Output:

-------------------- ------------------------------
Jennifer             Retail Sales
Eleni                Retail Sales
Ellen                Recruiting
Sundar               Recruiting
Mozhe                Recruiting
David                Recruiting
Hermann              Recruiting
Shelli               Recruiting
Amit                 Recruiting
Elizabeth            Recruiting
Sarah                Recruiting
David                Recruiting
Laura                Recruiting
Harrison             Recruiting
Alexis               Recruiting
Anthony              Recruiting
Gerald               Recruiting
Nanette              Recruiting
John                 Recruiting

Example: Oracle CROSS JOIN with WHERE clause

The following sql statement produces a Cartesian product of the regions and countries table and filtered the results for the countries which ID is 'AU'.

Sample table: regions

Sample table: countries

FROM regions 
CROSS JOIN countries
WHERE country_id='AU';

Sample Output:

 REGION_ID REGION_NAME               CO COUNTRY_NAME                              REGION_ID
---------- ------------------------- -- ---------------------------------------- ----------
         1 Europe                    AU Australia                                         3
         2 Americas                  AU Australia                                         3
         3 Asia                      AU Australia                                         3
         4 Middle East and Africa    AU Australia                                         3

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