Pandas Series: idxmax() function

Get the row label of the maximum value in Pandas series

The idxmax() function is used to get the row label of the maximum value.

If multiple values equal the maximum, the first row label with that value is returned.


Series.idxmax(self, axis=0, skipna=True, *args, **kwargs)
Pandas Series idxmax image


Name Description Type/Default Value Required / Optional
skipna Exclude NA/null values. If the entire Series is NA, the result will be NA. bool
Default Value: True
axis For compatibility with DataFrame.idxmax. Redundant for application on Series. bool
Default Value: 0
*args, **kwargs Additional keywords have no effect but might be accepted for compatibility with NumPy. Required

Returns: Index
Label of the maximum value.

Raises: ValueError
If the Series is empty.

Notes: This method is the Series version of ndarray.argmax. This method returns the label of the maximum, while ndarray.argmax returns the position. To get the position, use series.values.argmax().


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