PHP Array Exercises : Difference of two multidimensional arrays

PHP Array: Exercise-57 with Solution

Write a PHP function to compares two multidimensional arrays and returns the difference.

Sample Solution:

PHP Code:

// Function to compare keys for array_diff_uassoc
function key_compare($a, $b)
    // If keys are identical, return 0
    if ($a === $b)
        return 0;

    // Return 1 if $a is greater than $b, otherwise return -1
    return ($a > $b) ? 1 : -1;

// Function to find the difference between two multidimensional arrays based on associative keys
function multidimensional_array_diff($arr1, $arr2)
    // Use array_diff_uassoc to find the difference based on the provided key_compare function
    return array_diff_uassoc($arr1['c'], $arr2['c'], "key_compare");

// Two multidimensional arrays
$color1 = array('a' => 'White', 'b' => 'Red', 'c' => array('a' => 'Green', 'b' => 'Blue', 'c' => 'Yellow'));
$color2 = array('a' => 'White', 'b' => 'Red', 'c' => array('a' => 'White', 'b' => 'Red', 'c' => 'Yellow'));

// Print the difference between the multidimensional arrays
print_r(multidimensional_array_diff($color1, $color2));



    [a] => Green                                            
    [b] => Blue                                             


Flowchart: PHP - Compares two multidimensional arrays and returns the difference

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