PHP for loop Exercises : Create a chess board using for loop

PHP for loop: Exercise-9 with Solution

Write a PHP script using nested for loop that creates a chess board as shown below.

Use table width="270px" and take 30px as cell height and width.

chess board

Sample Solution:

PHP Code:

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">
  <h3>Chess Board using Nested For Loop</h3>
   <table width="270px" cellspacing="0px" cellpadding="0px" border="1px">
   <!-- cell 270px wide (8 columns x 60px) -->
          echo "<tr>";
          echo "<td height=30px width=30px bgcolor=#FFFFFF></td>";
          echo "<td height=30px width=30px bgcolor=#000000></td>";
          echo "</tr>";

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Flowchart: Create a chess board using for loop

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Edit: miah's solution is much more elegant than mine, you should use his solution instead.

Ref : https://bit.ly/3k9ipby