PHP mysqli: close() function

mysqli_close() function / mysqli::close

The mysqli_close() function / mysqli::close closes a previously opened database connection.


Object oriented style

bool mysqli::close ( void )

Procedural style

bool mysqli_close ( mysqli $link )

Usage: Procedural style



Name Required/Optional Description
connectionn Required Specifies the MySQL connection to close

Return value:

Returns TRUE on success or FALSE on failure.

Version: PHP 5, PHP 7



// ....some PHP code...


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PHP Function Reference

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PHP: Tips of the Day

Di?erence between __CLASS__, get_class() and get_called_class()

__CLASS__ magic constant returns the same result as get_class() function called without parameters and they both return the name of the class where it was defined (i.e. where you wrote the function call/constant name ).

In contrast, get_class($this) and get_called_class() functions call, will both return the name of the actual class which was instantiated:


class Definition_Class {
 public function say(){
 echo '__CLASS__ value: ' . __CLASS__ . "\n";
 echo 'get_called_class() value: ' . get_called_class() . "\n";
 echo 'get_class($this) value: ' . get_class($this) . "\n";
 echo 'get_class() value: ' . get_class() . "\n";
class Actual_Class extends Definition_Class {}
$c = new Actual_Class();


__CLASS__ value: Definition_Class
get_called_class() value: Actual_Class
get_class($this) value: Actual_Class
get_class() value: Definition_Class


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