PHP mysqli: more_results() function

mysqli_more_results() function / mysqli::more_results

The mysqli_more_results() function / mysqli::more_results checks if there are any more results from a multi query.


Object oriented style

bool mysqli::more_results ( void )

Procedural style

bool mysqli_more_results ( mysqli $link )


Name Description Required/Optional
connection A link identifier returned by mysqli_connect() or mysqli_init() Required for procedural style only and Optional for Object oriented style

Usage: Procedural style



Name Description Required / Optional
connection Specifies the MySQL connection to use Required

Return value:

Returns TRUE if one or more result sets are available from a previous call to mysqli_multi_query(), otherwise FALSE.

Version: PHP 5, PHP 7

Example of object oriented style:

$con = mysqli_connect("localhost","user1","datasoft123","hr");

if (mysqli_connect_errno($con)){
  echo "Failed to connect to MySQL: " . mysqli_connect_error();

$sql = "SELECT emp_name FROM employees;SELECT address FROM customers";

// Execute multi query


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