Python: Create a HTML calendar with data for a specific year and month

Python Datetime: Exercise-46 with Solution

Write a Python program to create a HTML calendar with data for a specific year and month.

Sample Solution:

Python Code:

import calendar
htmlcal = calendar.HTMLCalendar(calendar.MONDAY)
print(htmlcal.formatmonth(2020, 12))

HTML Code:

<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" class="month">                                              
<tr><th colspan="7" class="month">December 2020</th></tr>                                                     
<tr><th class="mon">Mon</th><th class="tue">Tue</th><th class="wed">Wed</th><th class="thu">Thu</th><th class=
"fri">Fri</th><th class="sat">Sat</th><th class="sun">Sun</th></tr>                                           
<tr><td class="noday"> </td><td class="tue">1</td><td class="wed">2</td><td class="thu">3</td><td class="
fri">4</td><td class="sat">5</td><td class="sun">6</td></tr>                                                  
<tr><td class="mon">7</td><td class="tue">8</td><td class="wed">9</td><td class="thu">10</td><td class="fri">1
1</td><td class="sat">12</td><td class="sun">13</td></tr>                                                     
<tr><td class="mon">14</td><td class="tue">15</td><td class="wed">16</td><td class="thu">17</td><td class="fri
">18</td><td class="sat">19</td><td class="sun">20</td></tr>                                                  
<tr><td class="mon">21</td><td class="tue">22</td><td class="wed">23</td><td class="thu">24</td><td class="fri
">25</td><td class="sat">26</td><td class="sun">27</td></tr>                                                  
<tr><td class="mon">28</td><td class="tue">29</td><td class="wed">30</td><td class="thu">31</td><td class="nod
ay"> </td><td class="noday"> </td><td class="noday"> </td></tr>                                

See the output in the browser

Sample Output:

December 2020
789101 11213


Flowchart: Create a HTML calendar with data for a specific year and month.

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