Python Function: Search bytes sequence in file

Python Bytes and Byte Arrays Data Type: Exercise-9 with Solution

Write a Python function that searches for a bytes sequence within a file opened in byte mode.

Sample Solution:


import io
def search_bytes_in_file(file_path, match_bytes):
  with io.open(file_path, mode='rb') as file:
    for line in file:
      if match_bytes in line:
        print(f"Match found in file {file_path}")
        return True
      return False

# Example usage
match = b'foobar'  
result = search_bytes_in_file('fontawesome-webfont.bin', match)
if result:
  print("Match found") 
  print("No match")


No match


In the exercise above -

  • Open file in byte mode 'rb'
  • Iterate over the file line-by-line as bytes
  • Use the 'in' operator to check if match_bytes is present
  • Return True if match found, False otherwise
  • Can search any bytes sequence like encoded data


Flowchart: Python Function: Search bytes sequence in file.

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