Python: delattr() function

delattr() function

The delattr() function is used to delete the specified attribute from the specified object.


(Python 3)


delattr(object, name)


Name Description Required /
object The object from which name attribute is to be removed. Required.
name The name of one of the object’s attributes. Required.

Return value:

The delattr() doesn't return any value (returns None).

Example: Python delattr() function

class Rollnums:
  a = 15
  b = -7
  c = 0

rno = Rollnums() 

print('a = ',rno.a)
print('b = ',rno.b)
print('c = ',rno.c)

delattr(Rollnums, 'c')

print('--After deleting c attribute--')
print('a = ',rno.a)
print('b = ',rno.b)


a =  15
b =  -7
c =  0
--After deleting c attribute--
a =  15
b =  -7

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