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Redis EXPIREAT Command

The Redis EXPIREAT command is used to convert relative timeouts to absolute timeouts for the AOF persistence mode. It can be used directly to specify that a given key should expire at a given time in the future.

EXPIREAT has the same effect and semantic as EXPIRE, but instead of specifying the number of seconds representing the TTL (time to live), it takes an absolute Unix timestamp (seconds since January 1, 1970).

Here are some common uses and scenarios for the "EXPIREAT" command:

  • Scheduled Expirations: Set a specific date and time for a key to expire.
  • Synchronization: Coordinate key expirations across multiple systems with a fixed timestamp.
  • Time-bound Data: Manage data that is valid until a specific point in time.
  • Automated Cleanup: Schedule the automatic deletion of keys at a precise future moment.



Available since


Return Value

    Integer reply: specifically
  • 1, if the timeout is set for the key.
  • 0, if the key does not exist or timeout could not set.

Return Value Type


Example: Redis EXPIREAT

First, create a key in redis and set some value in it.> SET key "Apple"
(integer) 1> EXPIREAT key 1039840000
(integer) 1> EXISTS key
(integer) 0

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