SQL VIEW Exercises: Define a view that shows for each order the salesman and customer by name

SQL VIEW: Exercise-6 with Solution

6. From the following tables, create a view to get the salesperson and customer by name. Return order name, purchase amount, salesperson ID, name, customer name.

Sample table: salesman

Sample table: customer

Sample table: orders

Sample Solution:

CREATE VIEW nameorders
AS SELECT ord_no, purch_amt, a.salesman_id, name, cust_name
FROM orders a, customer b, salesman c
WHERE a.customer_id = b.customer_id
AND a.salesman_id = c.salesman_id;


sqlpractice=# SELECT *
sqlpractice-# FROM nameorders
sqlpractice-# WHERE name = 'Mc Lyon';
 ord_no | purch_amt | salesman_id |  name   |   cust_name
  70010 |   1983.43 |        5006 | Mc Lyon | Fabian Johnson
  70015 |    322.00 |        5006 | Mc Lyon | Varun
(2 rows)

Inventory database model:

Inventory database model

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