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PHP : Arithmetic Operators

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There are five basic arithmetic operators.

  • + (addition)
  • - (subtraction)
  • * (multiplication)
  •  / (division)
  • % (modulus)

The operators are summarized in the following table.

Operator Name Example Result
+ Addition $x + $y Sum of $x and $y.
- Subtraction $x - $y Difference of $x and $y.
* Multiplication $x * $y Product of $x and $y.
/ Division $x / $y Quotient of $x and $y
% Modulus $x % $y Remainder of $x divided by $y.

Example :

echo "The sum of x and y is : ". ($x+$y) ."<br />";
echo "The difference between x and y is : ". ($x-$y) ."<br />";
echo "Multiplication of x and y : ". ($x*$y) ."<br />";
echo "Division of x and y : ". ($x/$y) ."<br />";
echo "Modulus of x and y : " . ($x%$y) ."<br />";

Output :

The sum of x and y is : 160
The difference between x and y is : 40
Multiplication of x and y : 6000
Division of x and y : 1.6666666666667
Modulus of x and y : 40

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Note : In the case of division, the operator returns a float value if the two operands are not integers.

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