Accounts and organizations

Tasks related to managing Graph Manager accounts and organizations are described in this tutorial.


Creating your account

To create your Graph Manager account, visit engine.apollographql.com and click Create an account. You can sign up either with an email and password, or with an existing GitHub account.

If you sign up with GitHub, Graph Manager uses your GitHub identity only for login verification purposes. It does not request access to any of your GitHub data.

Single sign-on (SSO) account management via SAML or OIDC is available for Enterprise customers.

Unless another Graph Manager user has invited you to join an existing organization, you also create an organization as part of the account creation process.

Deleting your account

Deleting your account requires contacting Apollo. You can do so from your Personal Settings page.


All data in Graph Manager (GraphQL schemas, metrics, etc.) belongs to a particular organization. Every organization has one or more members who manage it and can access its associated data.

Important: Currently, all members of a Graph Manager organization have full permissions for the organization, including the ability to delete graphs or transfer them out of the organization.

Creating an organization

You create your first organization as part of account creation, unless you've been invited to an existing organization by another Graph Manager user.

You can create additional organizations by clicking the + button at the top of your list of organizations in the Graph Manager UI. A single Graph Manager organization can manage any number of schemas, so a company rarely needs more than one or two organizations.

Viewing your organizations

The Graph Manager UI lists the organizations you belong to in the left-hand column.

  • Click on an organization to view its associated schemas and metrics.
  • Click the gear icon next to an organization to view its settings.

Inviting members

Invite organization members from the Member Management tab of your organization's settings. You can send invitations to individual email addresses or create an invite link that anyone can use.

Do not share your invite link publicly. Anyone with the link can join your organization. If your invite link becomes compromised, you can replace or disable it from the Member Management tab.

Removing members

Remove organization members from the Member Management tab of your organization's settings.

Currently, any member of an organization can remove any other member from the organization (but not themselves).

Deleting an organization

Deleting an organization requires contacting Apollo. You can do so from the Organization and Plan tab of your organization's settings.

Deleting an organization does not affect the uptime of your services that send data to Graph Manager as part of that organization.

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