What is Apollo Client?

Apollo Client is a robust state management library for JavaScript applications. It enables seamless integration of GraphQL queries. We simply write and Apollo client takes care requesting and caching of data, including the UI updates.

The use of Apollo Client helps you to structure your codes your codes following the declarative approach as recommended by modern React best practices. Apollo facilitates the building of high-quality features without the stress of writing data plumbing boilerplate.


  • Declarative data fetching: Write a query and receive data without manually tracking loading states
  • Excellent developer experience: Enjoy helpful tooling for TypeScript, Chrome DevTools, and VS Code
  • Designed for modern React: Take advantage of the latest React features, such as hooks
  • Incrementally adoptable: Drop Apollo into any JavaScript app seamlessly
  • Universally compatible: Use any build setup and any GraphQL API
  • Community driven: Share knowledge with thousands of developers, thanks to our active open source community

Explore Apollo Client

The Apollo Client docs are structured into the following sections. We recommend starting with the Essentials first before moving on to advanced topics.

  • Essentials: Start here to learn how to fetch data, update data, and manage local state with Apollo Client
  • Features: Learn how to get the most out of Apollo Client's features
  • Advanced: Advanced Apollo Client capabilities to cover all your needs
  • Recipes: How-to guides for accomplishing specific tasks
  • API: Full API details for Apollo Client, its React APIs, and additional packages

Community integrations

This section of this tutorial series focuses on React, but Apollo Client supports many other platforms:

  • JavaScript
    • Angular
    • Vue
    • Meteor
    • Ember
  • Web Components
    • Apollo Elements
  • Native mobile
    • Native iOS with Swift
    • Native Android with Java

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