C mathematical functions

C mathematical operations are a group of functions in the standard library of the C programming language implementing basic mathematical functions. All functions use floating-point numbers in one manner or another. Different C standards provide different, albeit backwards-compatible, sets of functions.

The <math.h> include file declares the math manipulation functions:

A complete table of math Lybrary:

Name Description
acos() function Calculate arccosine.
asin() function Calculate arcsine.
atan() function Calculate Arctangent.
atan2() function Calculate Arctangent.
cos() function arc cosine functions.
cosh() function Calculate Hyperbolic Cosine.
sin() function Calculate Sine.
sinh() function Hyperbolic sine functions.
tanh() function Calculate hyperbolic tangent.
exp() function Calculate exponential function.
frexp() function Extract mantissa and exponent from a double precision number.
ldexp() function Load exponent of a floating-point number.
log() function Calculate natural logarithm.
log10() function Base 10 logarithm.
modf() function Floating-point remainder value function.
pow() function Compute power.
sqrt() function Calculate Square Root.
ceil() function Find integer.
fabs() function Absolute value function.
floor() function Find integer.
fmod() function Calculate Floating-Point remainder.

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